Scholarship Recipient Blog

Learn about what our scholarship recipients are up to since arriving on campus.

Mairin Gallagher (2022) 

Attended Springfield High School where she was active in gymnastics (competitive gymnast), soccer along with track/field. She was a volunteer in the Appalachia Service project and the student athlete leadership program along with many other activities. She was a member of the National Honor Society, the National Language Society and the National English Society. She has been a Buckeye fan her whole life as her father is an alumni, many family members are alumni and her sister is currently a student at OSU. She plans to major in Civil Engineering.

Devyn Growney (2022) 

The first couple of weeks here at Ohio State have been better than I could have imagined. While the campus can seem a little overwhelming at first, everyone is so welcoming and friendly. I have loved getting to know the people here and am excited to get involved with all of the activities Ohio State has to offer. Attending the curriculum fair showed me just how many different clubs and organizations are present on campus, and I am eager to become involved in many of them. In terms of my classes, every professor is eager and willing to help, which has made the transition from high school a lot easier. I also find all my classes very interesting, with my Social Justice Issues class being my favorite so far. When I’m not in class, I love attending the football games, relaxing in the oval, and trying new restaurants on high street. I am sure that the upcoming years will be as great as my first few weeks, and I am so happy and grateful to be a buckeye. Go bucks!

Peter Leibrandt (2021) 

I will admit that when I first came to this campus as a college student, it felt a little daunting. I didn’t know anybody here and the campus is massive. However, my apprehensions quickly whittled away as I started exploring campus more and more. After being here for two months, I can say with absolute certainty that there’s no place I’d rather be. Everything about this place is amazing, from the academics to the people. I’ve already made great friends and seeing as how everybody on this campus is extremely friendly, that won’t be stopping anytime soon. The clubs and organizations at Ohio State provide great opportunities for engagement and success, and I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of them. I’ve already joined the Running Club, Casual Sports Club, and The Logistics Association. On the academic side, Ohio State has provided me with quality education that has adequately challenged and pushed me to greater lengths. The professors have all been extremely helpful and considerate with helping students like myself succeed. Finally, on a more recreational note, I have to give a special shout-out to college gamedays. The atmosphere on campus during Saturday is unlike anything I have experienced before. While the football games have indeed been entertaining to watch, the things I love most about gameday are the camaraderie and companionship that my fellow Buckeyes and I all share. This is something that I did not get much of at high school, and something that I know I would not have gotten at other colleges. I am truly honored to be attending this university, and am more than proud to call myself a Buckeye.

Madison O’Neill (2021) 

The number one question I get asked here being from PA is, “Why Ohio?” My response is always, “Are you kidding? How could I not choose Ohio!”

Ohio State feels like home! I have loved every second of being on this campus. The people here are phenomenal. Everyone I’ve met is so nice and respectful, and I can’t wait to meet more of my best friends here.

The atmosphere of game day is incredible- the campus feels so cheerful and the strangers you stand next to make you feel like you’ve known them forever. Everyone comes together as one big family here. It’s the best feeling

Ohio State has made me fall more in love with Biology. The program we have here is outstanding. My professors are truly top tier and they make me excited for class. It is clear the professors are passionate about what they do, and it translates over to the students. Ohio State has so many opportunities and resources to use, I have never felt lost here. They want to see us succeed.

I joined the Residence Hall Community Council to provide my peers with opportunities to engage with others on campus and build long-lasting relationships. I want Ohio State to feel like home for them as much as it does to me!

I am so excited to see where my next four years takes me here. I can’t wait to make the Philly Buckeyes proud. Go Bucks!

Alli Gumienny (2019) 

My first semester at Ohio State was nothing short of an absolute dream! I was lucky enough to have some incredible and accessible professors in all three of my GE classes, Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology, which really allowed me to excel in each of those courses. I had the opportunity to start meeting with both my GE and major advisors who both helped me to work a Disability Studies minor into my time at Ohio State which I am beyond excited about! Other than my classes I have joined a few clubs and met the most amazing friends! I’m participating in Buckeyethon in the spring and am also a member of the Ohio State Special Olympics club! I got very lucky in that I became almost instant friends with many of the girls that live on my floor as well as other people living in my dorm. With them, I’ve had the chance to attend countless football, basketball, and hockey games and even traveled to Indianapolis to watch the Buckeyes become B1G Champs for the third year in a row!! As I’m writing this I’m packing my stuff and getting ready to head back to campus on Monday and absolutely cannot wait to see what is in store for my second semester at Ohio State! Go Bucks!!

Natalie Valko (2018)

My first year at Ohio State was definitely a memorable one. Being an electrical and computer engineering pre-major was challenging, and I worked day and night to be accepted into the major. I made Dean’s List both semesters, and I joined Phi Sigma Rho, the Engineering sorority at OSU.  I love being a part of this fun and encouraging community.  I also declared two minors: business and dance. At the end of the spring semester, my hard work paid off, and I was accepted into my major.  Aside from academics, this year was a blast because of the people I met and because of the opportunities endless Ohio State had to offer (especially the football games!).  

This summer, I am in Grand Rapids, Michigan working for GE Aviation as an engineering intern for 10 weeks. I am beyond grateful for this experience, especially as a freshman, and I am excited to see where this opportunity will take me.  

I couldn’t have accomplished all of this without my amazing family at Ohio State. My first year will forever have a special place in my heart. 

Nathan Scranton (2017)

My first two years as a Buckeye have gone well. Through my involvement in the athletic band, I’ve performed in two spring football games, three scripts on ice and went to Indianapolis two years ago to play for the women’s basketball team when they won the Big Ten Tournament. 

I have also been an active member of the quidditch team and have competed in Kalamazoo, Michigan and Bloomington, Indiana for Regionals.

Academic wise, I am excited to continue my education and take more civil engineering courses as I get further along in my major. Through all the fun times this past year, I would have to say that my favorite memory was storming the field after the amazing win over that team up north this past November.